you + soho

A Beautiful Partnership

Welcome to Southern Hospitality Cooperative, or SOHO CO-OP for short. Our goal here is to enhance the Savannah guest experience and encourage guests to spend an extra evening in our beautiful hometown. Currently, the average stay for a visitor in Savannah is 2.4 days, and we'd like to entice guests to stay for 3.  This incentive is what we call our THIRD DAY INITIATIVELocal vendors are the heart of this city and are solely responsible for making a tourist’s trip memorable, and that is why they are a keystone in making this project take flight.

Traditionally, Savannah businesses see lower traffic and sales Sunday through Wednesday. Through our products, we will increase business on those days with the ultimate end game being to stay an extra evening to indulge in the savings. For years, the city of Savannah has discussed ways to keep tourists here longer. We have developed a system, that if utilized by businesses properly, will create an avenue for generating revenue during their desired timeframe.

Our SOHO representatives are here to guide you throughout our agreement to ensure the marketing initiative represents your brand standard, overcome any questions you may encounter and structure attractive promotions for your business. It is our goal to provide an endless revenue stream, absent of traditional commissions, at a flat monthly rate for you to target new customers who are already in town and spending money.

Ready to join our cooperative?  The third day initiative starts now.